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  1. Hi Chelsea! I just found your blog and Youtube channel; I am 23 weeks pregnant and our baby was just diagnosed with HLHS — you are the kind of person who gives terrified parents like us such hope for our little one’s future!! It’s still scary, but seeing how much you’ve learned to embrace life and never give up on anything fills our hearts with a new confidence. God bless you xoxox

  2. Hi Chelsea, I am a 14 year old English teenager with HLHS. I have had the Norwood 1 and 2, and Fontans. I have found your youtube account in the past month and I have found it very use full, for instance I did not know that caffeine is bad for HLHS people, I have subscribed to your youtube account. I am looking forward to your next video.
  3. Hi Chelsea! I just wanted to send you a message to tell you how happy it makes me to see you with your HLHS being so lively and might I say normal. (Was watching your videos):) It gives me strenght to belive my one year old son with HLHS is going to have a wonderful future inspite of his condition. We live in Finland. He has had an operation for coarctation of aorta, then Norvood and now Glenn in january. His really cute and is doing really well. An outsider wouldn´t know he has a heart condition, let alone of this magnitude. I wish you all the best in the future!


    Thank you so much Wiliina!

    I am so glad your son is doing well and I wish him all the best on his Glenn, please let me know how that goes! If you have any questions feel free to message me!



  4. Hi Chelsea! I just saw your Do's and Don't with HLHS video and just wanted to thank you! I'm a mother to a beautiful 3 month old baby boy with HLHS. He underwent the Norwood at just a week old and has been doing great since. Its so nice to see other HLHS-ers doing so well! He has a facebook page "Prayers for Baby SJ" if you'd like to see just how adorable he is! Take care! :)

    Thank you so much!
    I wish you the best of luck and I will keep him in my prayers!
    Check out the FB Page right now!!

  5. Chelsea thank you for posting your videos. My son Gavin has HLHS and he turns 13 next month. Like you he's very active!! We had his annual checkup last week at MUSC Children's hospital and he has a new cardiologist who wants him to do the stress test in November to get a baseline. What age were you when you had your first stress test and how often do you do them now?

    I’m so glad to hear Gavin is doing great! So I do stress tests about once a year just had my yearly one last Thursday! I can’t even remember when I started doing stress tests. I believe it was 11-12 same age as Gavin almost!

    Hope everything goes well for him:)
    Ps: They really aren’t that bad choose a steady speed and you’ll have no problem :)


  6. Do you have to follow any special diet?

    No, just healthy eating and little to no caffeine.

  7. hi! (: I am 15 years old girl from Finland. My English sucks and I am sorry about it. I have CHD too but isn't HLHS. I born with complete AVB, PDA and enlarged heart. I had my first surgery when I was only few hours old. I really want meet new people with CHD all over the world. so I want to ask you - how is you and your heart today? How many surgeries you had, do you need more in the future? thanks ♥

    Hello! Greetings from Philadelphia!!!
    My heart is doing great! I am healthy and active. I had my first surgery in the first days of my life. I had 3 open heart surgeries and for the future all is looking wonderful! Hopefully no more surgeries! I am glad you contacted me and I hope you stay well!!
    All the best
    Chelsea xox

  8. hello, I came across your youtube channel & checked out a few vids. I also have HLHS & thought your vids were pretty nice & informational to others, Im glad to see theres someone else out there living the 'usual' every day life like any other person. Stay strong, & blessed.

    Thank you so much! It really means a lot.



  9. Chelsea Hello, I am a mother of a baby with hypoplastic left ventricle, has 1 year and two surgeries, he lacks the Fontan, I am very confused because I was told that there were people over 14 years with this read you heart and gives me great hope, we are Argentina. wanted to know how much is your saturation? Do you have a mild form of hypoplasia? Do you have other cardiac complications? such as valve problems or pulmonary arteries, Thanks for sharing your experiences.


    It’s so great to hear from you, I will be turning 21 in two months and finishing my 3rd year of college! There is hope. My sats have always been in the 95%- 98%. I have no other cardiac problems,  No hypoplasia either.



  10. Hi Chelsea - congratulations on all of your successes & accomplishments. I was wondering if you had trouble socializing with other children when you were younger. Because you were slower than them, did they treat you very differently? Did you have a harder time getting along with others? Do you remeber whether or not you had anxiety or anxious behaviours? Were you socialized with lots of other children at a young age despite HLHS?

    I never had any trouble socializing with children my age. I don’t quite no what you mean by slower. If you are talking mentally; I am not slower. But if you are talking about endurance and physically, I kept up just fine. Nothing ever stopped me. I am just like every other young adult, HLHS is apart of me. It is not me. It has never affected me socially. I am was just like every other child except I had a scar. My parents brought me every where as a child, I was never left home with a babysitter, every grocery store trip, to vacation to holiday event.



  11. Hi, My daughter, Amberlynn & I just saw your YouTube Do's & Don'ts video, it was great! Thank you so much for sharing it. Amberlynn is 10 & also has HLHS. She loves living life to the fullest & we encourage it, but I have to admit, sometimes she makes me nervous. She loves sports & her favorite thing to drink is water! :) I told her we could join tumbler to chat with you. She's in bed now but is looking forward to connecting with you soon. Thanks again! You're an inspiration!

    I am so so glad you enjoyed the videos!! I would love to chat with you and Amberlynn sometime, I inboxed you my email address, please feel free to email anytime with questions you or Amberlynn have!!



  12. You are a blessing from God

    Chelsea, I just wanted to say what a blessing you are. My daughter (also named Chelsea) was just told that her baby (my grandson) has HLHS and as you might think we were scared to death. It has been 6 hours since we got the news and the lord directed me to your youTube video. What an encouragement it was. She will be going to Philly to deliver and now we have much more hope for the future. god Bless you young lady you are a BLESSING!

    Gerry, This just made my day, I love how The Lord works! So amazing, I also had all of my open heart surgeries at Chop! If there is anything you need or questions I can answer please feel free to message me:) Xoxo Chelsea
  13. Chelsea my wife and just found out that our unborn baby girl has HLHS. When we first heard the news, we thought it was a death sentence. The first doctors didn't give us much hope. We have spent every day researching and getting second opinions. We found a doctor who is willing to fight for our baby and we will soon be moving out to Seattle to get the surgeries to save our baby's life! I came across your videos online and you have given us a shot of hope! Thank you so much!! Brad and Christi

    Brad & Christi,
    I am so glad that I could provide some help for you two! If you ever have questions please feel free to message me:)
    I wish you two all the best and I will keep you two in my prayers and thoughts while you are going through this time:)

  14. Hi Chelsea!! I saw your link in the Heart Mamas group on facebook! My little guy has HRHS and has had 2 surgeries so far! It really is fantastic to see you doing so well.

    Thank you so much!!

  15. Hello! My little brother is 17 and has HLHS since birth. He had the the first surgery shortly after he was born and the last two surgeries combined into one at 9 months old. I want to get him a sweatshirt for Christmas about being stronger because of his heart, but he wants nothing to do with it. He hates that he has half a heart and can't be a "normal" kid. Is there anything I can do to help him realize how special and wonderfully made he is?


    I love your idea of getting him a sweatshirt but I can understand where he wants nothing to do with it. When I was growing up, I absolutely hated my scar, because that was the only thing keeping me from being just like everyone else. Over time though I learned to appreciate my scar and to see it as an obstacle I have overcome. I know how your brother feels and I wouldn’t want  a  ”heart problem” always attached at the end of my name. I wanted to define myself, not have my Hlhs define me… I think that is what your brother is trying to do, because I was his age when I was dealing with this. I think I found an awesome solution though to your christmas gift idea. I think you should get him a Nike sweatshirt a lot of them have great sayings on them and they are very stylish. My favorite one is the LeBron “He Endures” - On the back of the sweatshirt it says he who conquers endures. Which is so awesome, here is the link to it:,pdp,ctr-inline/cid-1/pid-568542/pgid-670592

    I think you have an awesome idea and I know that we will love anything you get him! And you can tell him being normal is very overrated. There is no need to be normal when being yourself is the best kind of beauty.

    Philippians 4:13

    New King James Version (NKJV)

    13 I can do all things through Christ  who strengthens me.

    I hope this helped! If you need anything else, please do not hesitate to message me!



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Hello, My name is Chelsea. I am 21 years young and I have Hypo- plastic left heart syndrome. I was born with just 2 chambers of my heart and the left side is so small, my mother has described it as the size of a pea or smaller! I go to college and I study Marketing and Fashion Industry Management. One day I want to become a Fashion Coordinator for a Haute Couture designer. I made this tumblr so I can post my daily life and for other people all over the world that are either dealing with HLHS or have family/friends that have HLHS to come to a place and to just talk. I have a question link on the page where you can ask me anything you want! Enjoy!